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We are 1,200 of your friends, neighbors and family who live our mission every day – Your Health, our commitment to you, from day one. Community is a local, independent, non-profit with core competencies in primary care, women’s care, pediatric care, oncology and rehabilitation services as well as a full spectrum of services you may need in your lifetime.

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Community Physician Group (CPG)

We are a dedicated group of Board certified, health professionals who provide primary and specialty care for you and your family.

Nurse on Call

Nurse on Call: 406-327-4770. Anytime you’re worried about the health of a loved one we're here
to help.


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Frequently Asked Questions about this partnership

We're committed to answering your questions about the exciting partnership between Community and Billings Clinic RegionalCare.  Do you have any questions not answered here?  Please email us at: contactus@communitymed.org

How does the partnership between Community and Billings Clinic RegionalCare benefit Missoula?

Once finalized, this exciting partnership will offer the unique clinicaland managerial expertise of Billings Clinic RegionalCare to Western Montana,ensuring options, enhanced services and additional specialty providers in ourthriving community.

Family Health: Vitamin D could help fight asthma epidemic

Vitamin D is an essential nutrient, meaning the human body cannot make enough to prevent deficiency so diet is important. Our skin helps produce some vitamin D through sun exposure, just not enough to prevent deficiency. Because very few foods naturally contain vitamin D, we fortify milk, orange juice and other foods. Without a healthy diet, the risk of vitamin D deficiency increases.


Wall of Love

  • "I had surgery last week at Community Medical Center. A heartfelt thanks goes out to all the staff, nurses, anesthesiologist and to my doctor Dr Givler for the tremendous care I received. You made my first ever hospital/surgical experience as pleasant as it could be. Thanks again!"

    — Justine M.
  • "My baby is sick and i needed advice so i called the on call nurse and she was wonderful! an hour or so after we hung up she called back to see how things were going. this is such a wonderful service! thank you!"

    — Samantha S.
  • "I choose community specifically because your ER staff is "real" caring, compassionate, educated, and informed."

    — Danae N.