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Home and Community Based Services

Welcome to the Home and Community Based Services (HCBS).

Individuals Served by CMC/ HCBS Program:

  • People with physical disabilities – deemed disabled by Social Security
  • People with traumatic brain injuries
  • Financially eligible for Medicaid
  • Meet level of care (LOC) criteria
  • Reside in service area Missoula Ravalli and Mineral Co.
  • Can be served in the community at reasonable cost

Home and community Based Services (HCBS) provides case management for physically disabled persons between the ages of birth to 65.  This service from Community Medical Center began in 1983, the first Medicaid Waiver program in Montana to offer persons with physical disabilities an alternative to nursing home care.

Our Case Management Team views disabled persons primarily as individuals, their disability just another part of their lives.  We treat people in a holistic manner, which means that we address all aspects, including the social, psychological, physical, financial, spiritual, and community needs of a person.  We believe in self-determination, that each person has the right to choose how to live and how to be treated.  We rely on and follow the lead of the person served in developing a Plan of Care and forging a community support team that works together to achieve the goals, the needs, and wishes of the person being served.

HCBS can authorize over thirty different services to help you.  Some of the more common services are homemaking, respite, education, advocacy, retraining, and home modification for accessibility.

Each HCBS person served is assigned a nurse and social worker who meet with the person at least every six months to develop and review the Plan of Care.  The case manager also, with the person’s permission, requests input from the person’s family, physicians, therapists, care givers, and advocates concerning home care needs.

Mission Statement of HCBS:
The mission of Home and Community Based Services is to assist Montanans with physical disabilities to live in the least restrictive environment by providing case management, education, advocacy, and coordination of in-home services.  Case managers also monitor quality of services while ensuring that community resources are used in the most cost-effective manner.

For more information call Jayne Lux at 406-327-4589 or to make a referral call Quality health Foundation at 1-800-219-7035.