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Meet Our Newest Providers

Community Physician Group strives to bring our patients the highest quality care and customer service available in the region. In an effort to accomplish this endeavor, we have searched the world over to bring the best physicians and providers practicing medicine today to Missoula Montana. Please allow us the opportunity to introduce you to the newest members of Community Physician Group. To learn more about our new providers and their remarkable journeys simply click on their name below.

Dr. Jeff Knight - Internal Medicine - Jeff Knight’s parents taught him that when you’re passionate about what you do, your work is your life. And that success means conquering tough challenges. That’s why we’re pleased to welcome Jeff Knight, MD to your Community. Dr. Knight was born in Glenns Ferry, Idaho. As he grew, so did his love for the west’s wide-open spaces and his appreciation for taking on challenges. Today, he’s an avid cyclo-cross racer and an internal medicine specialist. Jeff’s parents also taught him the importance of compassionate care. He honed his passion for helping people and his medical skills first at Carroll College in Helena, then at the University of Washington Medical School before his residency at Virginia Mason. Dr. Knight is drawn to internal medicine because it’s intense and challenging, and he wouldn’t have it any other way. So welcome home, Jeff Knight, to your Community.

Dr. Patrick Beatty - Medical Oncologist - Dr. Beatty was born and raised in Maryland. But his passion for long-distance running and travel took him to the University of Utah and the University of Washington where he ran the bone marrow programs and started his long-distance relationship with our oncology physicians. For the past 10 years, he’s practiced with Montana Cancer Specialists. He still runs on our beautiful Missoula trails and now with Dr. Nichols, he’s also running the medical oncology practice at Community, working tirelessly to help those who need it most. Dr. Beatty’s commitment to the people of our Community is a dedication that runs deep in his bones. It makes him a special addition to your Community Medical Center.

Dr. Paul Perry - Internal Medicine - It’s no coincidence that Dr. Perry is dedicatedto building. He once constructed homes in in the shadow of the Gallatin Range here in the Big Sky. His love for Montana, and working as a paramedic laid the foundation for his future in medicine. Before attending pre-med school at Montana State University, Dr. Perry traveled abroad. He taught English in France during the first Gulf War. Wherever he went, one truth was hammered home, people trust him because he listens and shows them that he genuinely cares about their lives. Now, Dr. Perry has come back to the place he loves for good. His specialty is internal medicine. Dr. Perry also finds time to publish his poetry, taking inspiration from our people, ski slopes and wilderness hiking trails. Welcome Dr. Perry. Healthcare for him is all about building strong relationships and it’s all about Community.

Shari Colchin - Family Nurse Practitioner - Shari makes her home in the Bitterroot. So it’s natural she loves all things outdoors, like hiking, riding and especially river rafting. Shari loves people, too. She loves to help them stay well and help them when health problems toss a boulder or two in the river of life. Shari’s roots in our Community run deep. She graduated cum laude from Montana State University, got her Master’s Degree and went to work in Hamilton at Marcus Daly Hospital. She also served as a hospice case manager right here in Missoula when she first started her career. Shari’s come full circle. Now she’s back with a helping hand specializing in disease management, acute illness, injury treatment and health education. Welcome Shari, your Community is glad to have you back on board.

Kelly Foster - Family Nurse Practitioner - Our new Family Nurse Practitioner Kelly Foster learned persistence at an early age. Her parents were professors and traveled a lot for teaching positions. Kelly learned to focus on goals and adapt to new situations. Living in Asia, Kelly saw poverty as well as diversity, and on returning to the U.S. achieved success through hard work and persistence. She earned a degree in psychology from the University of Louisiana and another in natural science and math. Kelly was pregnant and airlifted out of Saudi Arabia when the Gulf War started. She achieved Master’s Degrees in education and Nursing before moving to Anchorage and working as a Family Nurse Practitioner. Kelly is married, has four children and a black belt in Taekwando. She’s done it all the same way she’s achieved success, through persistence and dedication. Now she’s doing what she loves in a place she loves. So welcome to a persistent and dedicated master of nursing, with a particular focus on diabetes and endocrinolgy. Welcome to our Community, Kelly Foster, FNP.

Heather Martin - Family Nurse Practitioner - Our new Family Nurse Practitioner Heather Martin grew up outside of Chicago and she stood out in every sport she tried. But when Heather discovered rugby, she found her ideal team sport Heather graduated from New York University with her nursing degree. She earned her Master of Science in Nursing and Master of Public Health degrees from Columbia University. After that, she chased her passion for helping others as well as for rugby all around the globe. Heather spent time in Kenya, New Zealand and even climbed Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Everywhere she went she worked and played hard to be the ultimate team player. But wherever she traveled, Heather always held a fondness for Missoula in her heart. It was the place where her brother had attended school and a place that took just one visit to make a permanent impression on Heather. So welcome home Heather Martin, FNP. We’re glad you’ve dedicated yourself to playing a key position on our