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Name Specialty Phone
Hahnstadt, William A. PhD Psychology P: (406)-549-9475
Hall, Jennifer K. MD Pediatrics P: (406)-721-5600
Haller, Jeffrey R. MD Otolaryngology P: (406)-541-3277
Haller, Wendy A. NP Pediatrics P: (406) 542-0391
Hammerstein, John P. MD Orthopedic Surgery P: 406-728-6101
Hardwick, Kimberly BSN Oncology Nurse Navigator P: 406 327-3911
Hardy, Bruce G. MD Pediatric Cardiology P: (406)-721-5600
Hardy, Stephen P. MD Plastic Surgery P: 406-728-3811
Harlan, John W. MD Plastic Surgery P: (406)-542-7300
Harrison, John R. PhD Neuropsychology P: (406)-327-4688
Harvey, Gary P. MD Obstetrics and Gynecology P: (406)-728-4292
Hayes, David M. MD Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery P: (406)-541-7546
Heaton, Rodney G. DO Hospitalist P: (406)-728-4100
Heid, Emily E. MD Orthopedic Surgery P: (406)-728-6101
Henning, William E. DO Neurology P: (406)-727-3720
Henry, Douglas M. PA-C Orthopedics P: (406)-721-4436 x7953
Hinther, Lance R. MD Dermatology P: (406)-549-7556
Holle, Rolf H O. MD Sleep Medicine P: (406)-721-5600
Holtzen, John DDS Oral Surgery P: 406-549-6600
Hoolsema, Robert J. MD Anesthesiology P: (406)-728-8420
Hoover, Rebecca B. MD Family Practice P: (406)-721-5600
Hope, Brian D. MD Pediatrics P: (406)-542-0391
Hubbard, Duncan L. MD Family Practice P: (406)-721-5681
Hudson, Wade L. PA-C Orthopedics P: (406)-721-5600
Hulsey, S. Mark . MD Anesthesiology P: (406)-728-8420
Hutchison, Mary M. NP Nurse Practitioner P: 406-327-4279
Hylton, B. Joseph DDS Pediatric Dentistry P: 406-549-2395