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Honoring 26-year history of supporting healthcare excellence and education, Community Medical Center Foundation is pleased to announce it will retain its nonprofit status and will begin operations under the name Foundation for Community Health (FCH) with a mission of providing philanthropic support for the advancement of healthy lives in Western Montana. 
“Donor support has always defined our Foundation’s work.  We will continue partnering with donors as well as other health-related foundations to make a meaningful impact in accordance with our new mission”, notes Barry Kenfield, Board Chair. Community Medical Center Foundation's impact has been defined by donor support.  We are grateful to our donors and look forward to a future honoring our donor relationships. 

Safe Kids Missoula Coalition led by Community Medical Center Foundation

As a lead agency for Safe Kids Worldwide (representing Missoula), Community Medical Center Foundation leads a coalition comprised of more than 25 local businesses and nonprofit organizations dedicated to protecting children from unintential injuries, the number one cause of death to children in the United States.  Since 1988, Safe Kids Worldwide, and its local coalitions like Missoula, has helped to reduce the U.S. childhood death rate from unintential injuries by 55%. 

Safe Kids Missoula works through its members to reduce traffic injuries, drowning, falls, burns, poisonings and more.  Our local coalition leads programmatic efforts and coordinates advocacy efforts, including but not limited to the annual Safe Kids Missoula Fair; child passenger safety seat checks; bike/sports helmet safety, melanoma/sun safety education, and other multi-faceted childhood injury prevention efforts.  

Safe Kids Missoula hosts a kids fair annually.  Mayor Engen proclaimed, October 5, 2014, Safe Kids Missoula Day noting, Whereas, Safe Kids Missoula Coalition calls the residents of Missoula to join in supporting the efforts and activities of Safe Kids Missoula Coalition to prevent injuries, and furthermore that every day will be dedicated to keeping our most precious resource, our children, safe from injury. 

To learn more about supporting or joining the coalition, please contact Heidi Morris,  Safe Kids Coordinator at 406.214.1709.  To learn more about Safe KIds Worldwide visit www.safekids.org


Holiday Safety Tips

   To Grandmother's House We Go: Tips to keep Grandma's litle bundles of joy safe this holiday season: http://www.safekids.org/blog/grandmothers-house-we-go


The people we call cancer heroes are your neighbors, friends and family.   Find out how you can help by calling the Community Medical Center Foundation at 406.327.HERO (4376), or Give Now.

Cancer doesn’t play fair.  This year it will disrupt the lives of 1 in 5 Montanans.  When cancer strikes, our sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, friends, and neighbors become heroes. A hero, according to Merriam-Webster, is “a person who is admired for great or brave acts or fine qualities.”  At Community’s Cancer Care Center, we call these people - - patients.

Cancer patients can face fear and uncertainty every day, yet they keep showing up—for treatments, for their families, sometimes even for work.  In other words, they show up for life.  That takes courage.  It’s something you might not notice from the outside, but friends and family see it every day.  Their loved one is doing the hard work of cancer treatment while still being there – for a child’s birthday, a family holiday or maybe just for dinner.

These are indeed braves acts and fine qualities.  And while the last label our patients would use for themselves is “hero,” in our eyes, it should be the first.

If you have cancer, your first priority is expert treatment.  At Community’s Cancer Care Center we go one better:  You get a team of cancer care professionals, working together to ensure that you receive the best possible care.

Your care team is multidisciplinary and includes physicians, nurses, nutritionists, pharmacists, social workers, therapists, and spiritual care providers —all focusing on the unique needs of each patient.  That starts with your cancer therapy itself, but it extends much further.  If you need a ride to your treatments, we can help.  When you need someone just to listen, we’re here for you.  When you need a hug, our arms are open.

If that seems like the kind of care you’d give your own family, you’re right.  At Community’s Cancer Care Center, our patients become part of our lives.  You can see it in the faces of our cancer care providers.  These individuals are heroes.

Fighting cancer is never easy.  But today’s cancer care uses new therapies that can result in improved outcomes along with fewer side effects.  At Community Medical Center’s new Cancer Care Center, we use advanced technology and treatments along with another tool that we consider essential: Coordinated care.

When your cancer care is coordinated, it means your physicians, nurses, therapists and other experts work together to plan your treatment and assess your progress.  It’s a powerful team approach that offers Western Montana some of the best local and regional providers, and advanced care.  And our cancer care team keeps you and your family as the most important team members.

You’ll find these special features at the Center:
• A nurse navigator to guide patients through all aspects of their care
• Advanced diagnostic and treatment technologies
• Private and semi-private infusion bays
• Comfortable beds in private rooms
• Reclining infusion chairs, some with heat and massage
• A quiet room for family and visitors
• Private spaces for counseling about genetic, financial and other issues
• Nutrition Center
• On-call meals at chair-side from our Big Sky Café
• Community Boutique where patients can get advice on wigs, skin care, makeup and other aspects of looking good to feel better
• Ample walking space and open views of meadows and mountains
• Conference room for the patient care team to discuss treatment
• Healing Garden
• Prevention and education programs
• The only American Cancer Society Resource Center in our community
• Ipads on loan during treatments, with Netflix streaming


• Patient Care Affordability.  Cancer doesn’t ask about your insurance before it strikes, and many people struggle to pay for their treatments.  Your donation can help these patients get the care they need.
Education and Prevention.  With your help, we can provide low-cost screenings to find cancer early, when it’s easier to treat.  You can also help us get the word out about ways everyone can lower their cancer risks.
• Innovation and Research.  As research continues to uncover new ways to treat cancer, your contributions can help us stay at the leading edge.
• Cancer Care Endowment.  This is a real pay-it-forward opportunity.  Any funds raised that exceed the needs of the current campaign will support future cancer care initiatives.

The people we call cancer heroes are your neighbors, friends and family.   Find out how you can help by calling the Community Medical Center Foundation at 406.327.HERO (4376), or Give Now.