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Involvement & Support

Community Giving and Volunteer Opportunities

It's Easy To Give To Community Medical Center Foundation

Each gift made to CMC Foundation creates a ripple of caring at Community Medical Center.  What you want to accomplish with your giving will help determine where you can have the greatest impact at CMC and the Foundation.  On behalf of the lives touched by the care of Community, thank you for your support!  We are here to help you with your giving goals at 406-327-4141.


Community Medical Center is home to a critical corps of more than 200 volunteers who serve in a variety of capacities across campus.  To learn more, visit Volunteering or call Jennifer Martin at 406.327.4258.  CMC Foundation also involves volunteers in our Board and committee work, gift shop, events, educational programs and securing support for CMC.  For more information, contact Sigri Thorn-Gildea at 406.327.4182.

Giving Opportunities:

  • Facility and Equipment Funds, for priorities such as Women's and Newborn care, the oncology facility for Montana Cancer Specialists at CMC, the Montana Breast Health Center, Pediatrics, and the Rehabilitation Institute of Montana.
  • High School Student and CMC Employee Scholarships
  • Family Tree, to celebrate children brought into this world at CMC or cared for at CMC
  • Minerva Society Memberships, to support public lectures and discussions of today's healthcare issues 
  • Hilda's Room, a dedicated, family-centered palliative care room for CMC patients
  • Endowments, for greatest healthcare needs, educational programs, key departments within CMC and the work of CMC Foundation
  • Memorials and Gifts in Honor, for loved ones and those who care for them
  • Event Sponsorships and Support

There are many ways to give to CMC Foundation -- cash, credit card, publicly-traded securities, gifts-in-kind, and various properties.  Multi-year pledges are welcomed.  Permanent and annual donor recognition opportunities are available.  

Remembering the CMC Foundation in your will creates a family legacy with Community Medical Center and all those who seek medical care here.  Please contact Sigri Thorn-Gildea at the Foundation, 406-327-4182 for more information, and to talk about other ways to give that may provide tax and income benefits to you as well as charitable benefits to Community.  

Learn more about Montana's Endowment Tax Credit, offering tax incentives for various gifts to permanent endowments.

Other Giving Resources:

Community Medical Center Foundation is a proud member of Legacy Montana, a group of 51 nonprofit organizations working together to inspire you to remember your favorite nonprofits in your will.

Our message is simple:

  • Having a will helps ensure that those people and organizations you have valued throughout your lifetime will be cared for in the manner you choose when you're no longer here
  • Having a will drawn up doesn't have to be a complicated process
  • A will is not just for the wealthy

Several people have remembered Community with gifts of all sizes in their wills -- people like Bill and Rosemary Gallagher, Reanette Cook, John and Nora Staael Evert, and Pauline Imel.  Their gifts have benefited the Rehabilitation Institute, the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, healthcare scholarships, and our future care center for women and children.  Community wouldn't be the medical center it is without their generosity. 

Please contact Sigri Thorn-Gildea at 406-327-4149 if we can be of assistance to you and your advisor as you consider how you might benefit Community care in your will.  Also, we'd love to know if Community Medical Center Foundation is included in your will.  With your permission, we would appreciate the chance to say thank you for your forethought and to offer you recognition in the R.H. "Ty" Robinson Legacy Club

CMC Foundation is also a member of the Montana Nonprofit Association (MNA), dedicated to strengthening Montana's nonprofits.