We are Community.

We are 1,200 of your friends, neighbors and family who live our mission every day – Your Health, our commitment to you, from day one. Community is a hospital with core competencies in primary care, women’s care, pediatric care, oncology and rehabilitation services as well as a full spectrum of services you may need in your lifetime.

We are your Community! Come visit us.


Community Physician Group (CPG)

We are a dedicated group of Board certified, health professionals who provide primary and specialty care for you and your family.


Nurse on Call

Community Medical Center’s free 24-7 Nurse on Call telephone service gives you the answers you need to be at ease. Call us.



from your Community

Family Health: Sudden, severe joint pain at night? It could be gout.

Gout is a type of arthritis that was once known as “the disease of kings.” If you have gout, though, that’s probably slim comfort. Your first symptom is likely to be sudden, intense pain in a big toe that wakes you up at night – hardly the royal treatment.

The pain comes from needle-like crystals...read on

Family Health: Sidestep hiking hazards for a successful trip

When bad things happen on a hike in Montana, they can involve real disasters. Bear attacks and lost hikers make problems like sunburn and blisters seem like minor bumps in the road. But when you’re on the trail, it can be the little things that make or break your hike. Planning ahead and knowing how...read on

Family Health: Screening test can help delay, prevent diabetes

Compared with most other states, Montana has a relatively low incidence of diabetes. But that doesn’t mean it’s not a problem here – our rates have more than doubled since the 1990s. Today, just under 8 percent of adults in Montana have this condition.

Those people can face serious health problems....read on

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Wall of Love

Our birthing class with Becky was amazing! We can't wait to have our baby at Community in the next few weeks. Feeling exciting about the process, facility, and staff. Thank You! 

Courtney F.

My sister had a hip replacement October, 2014. Her care was excellent. The nurses were very competent as well as kind, OT and PT were outstanding, the entire staff including housekeeping were kind and friendly and the food was great! We will be back for hip #2 in a few months. 

Ruth M.

This is a miracle working hospital! My son was born at 23 weeks at 1 lb and 5 oz. Thanks to the staff at Community we were able to bring our son home after 117 days. My son will be five on New Year's Eve and he beat the odds.

Harmon V