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Driving Evaluation Clinic

Call 406.327.4050

The goal of our Disabled Driving Evaluation and Training Program is to help individuals with disabilities develop driving potential. This program does not replace the Montana Driver’s Examination.

Evaluations consist of a screening of the driver’s physical function, visual performance, and reaction time testing. If this is successful then an in-vehicle assessment is done to check the driver’s pre-driving skills and then potentially an on road assessment.

If individuals require adaptive equipment to drive such as with hand controls, training with these is also available and scheduled on an individual basis for what is needed.

Depending on the services provided, the cost varies to meet the needs of the individual. Worker’s Compensation, The Department of Social and Rehabilitation Services and some private insurance companies reimburse the cost of the evaluations/training.

It is recommended that the owner of the insurance policy receives preauthorization before an evaluation is scheduled.



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