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Medical Records

Call 406.327.4155

Obtaining Medical Records

Radiology Images (Medical Providers Only)

Fax request to: 406-327-4582. Images will be sent to your PACS or a CD of images will be mailed. Please allow 2 business days for all requests.

(406) 327-4334

Electronic Requests

To request your records (including radiology images) electronically, click on the link below to complete the request.  We will need a photo of a government issued ID sent with the request. 


Online Form

In Writing

Complete the release form below.  Be sure to fill out all the fields. If you do not know your medical record number, leave blank. A handwritten (not typed) physical signature is required. You will also need to date the form and include your phone number so we may contact you with any questions. 


Sending Medical Records to a Community Medical Center Provider

To give Community Medical Center access to outside medical records, you will need to provide authorization to release medical records from your current medical provider(s). Please complete the form below and send it to your current provider for processing.

Release of Medical Information to Community Medical Center

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