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Gift Match - Donors

Through the Employee Gift Match program, CMC recognizes the importance of your personal contributions to organizations that matter to you. Each eligible CMC employee participant may be matched 1:1 up to a maximum of $250 each calendar year (minimum donation is $25) to eligible nonprofit organizations. The maximum can be used for any combination of monetary contributions. Eligible participants are limited to active employees of Community Medical Center on the date(s) the gift was made and registered. Contract & Subsidiary employees as well as non-employed providers are not eligible participants.

All organizations must be approved by Community Medical Center through the process outlined in the Gift Match guidelines and must confirm compliance with program criteria to participate in the program.

Gifts that are not eligible for the gift match program:

  • Bequests;
  • Gifts that have payments back to the donor or another person (e.g., charitable gift annuities; pooled income funds, etc.);
  • Contributions from the eligible donor’s family foundations, donor advised funds or irrevocable gifts;
  • Dues or gifts to national or local alumni groups, nonprofit board dues, clubs, fraternities or sororities;
  • Insurance premiums or other such payments not made directly to eligible organizations, even though such payments produce financial benefit for the organization;
  • Donations for benefit events, raffle tickets, or other such fundraising efforts that may involve some value returned to the donor, and;
  • Special event fundraising, including galas, tournaments, charity athletic events, tickets, tables or advertising for fundraising.

Gift Match Guidelines (PDF) >

After you make your contribution to the eligible organization, please fill out the following form and click send. You must register all gifts during the calendar year by December 31 to be eligible for this program.

Gift Match - Donors

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